At the head of MALIC’s academic administration, curricular innovation and institutional development is Dr. Khalid Al-Gudah.

Dr. Al-Gudah has a long history of experience in the field of Arabic Language Pedagogy for Non-Native Speakers, which has also been the focus of all of his graduate and post-graduate research. While teaching Arabic to foreign students at the University of Jordan-Jubeiha for 8 years, Dr. Al-Gudah served as the Coordinator and Primary Instructor for the British and Australian Diplomats Program from 2003-2008.

Dr. Al-Gudah went on to serve as chair of the university’s Arabic Language Department for Non-Native Speakers for another 2 years before leaving the University of Jordan to found MALIC in 2010. Dr. Al-Gudah has published numerous articles in his field in addition to his dissertations dealing with topics such as “Arabic Instruction for Non-Native Diplomats” and “First Language Effect and Influence on Non-Native Arabic Learners.” A few of Dr. Al-Gudah’s more notable former students include His Excellency Peter Millett a former British Ambassador to Jordan, Dominique Hyde UNICEF’s former representative for Jordan, John Casson a former British Ambassador to Egypt British and Rohan Titus a former Australian Embassy Deputy Head of Mission.

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