A central pillar in the The MALIC Center’s operations and a significant portion of its time and resources are dedicated to the development of our original, in-house curricula and books.

The center has produced three series of textbooks that cover 9 different levels for Modern Standard Arabic and Media Arabic in addition to 3 different levels of Levantine Colloquial Arabic for a grand total of 21 books.

In all of our publications we imbue our skill-based teaching philosophy and our advanced pedagogical methodologies, to make our students well-rounded, competent speakers of Arabic regardless of which series they focus on.

All of our materials are available for purchase to enrolled students at the center, and these materials comprise MALIC’s Al-‘Arabiyya Al-TawaaSuliyya series (Levels 1-9), Media Arabic series (Levels 1-9) and Levantine Colloquial Arabic series (Levels 1-3).