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Diplomats Program


Diplomats’ Program * Hourly Fee for Participants in the Diplomats’ Program: US$ 40 /Hour

The Diplomats’ Program is specifically designed to develop the Arabic language skills required by diplomatic personnel in the everyday operations of their office. The program focuses in particular on improving students’ oral communication skills, in formal presentation, meeting and negotiation scenarios and more informal social situations. The Diplomats’ Program will help students develop the Arabic language skills in communicating effectively and confidently in Arabic, preparing and delivering speeches and presentations on a wide range of topics, conducting negotiations, chairing and participating in meetings and conferences, writing clear and concise emails and letters, making and receiving telephone calls, improving rhetorical and persuasive skills and developing the ability to improvise and adapt to new, unexpected scenarios under pressure and time restraints.

Language Program for Diplomats: Studying every Sun- Mon- Tue- Wed and Thursday 9:00 AM- 1:00 PM. At the end of the program, students will be able to be in C1 level: Reading for gist”:Reading various Arabic  five short texts( about 100 wards each) in 10 minutes, and then giving all information. “Reading for depth”:Reading long two texts ( about 400 wards each) in a short time and answer both direct, and indirect questions in 40 minutes. Speaking and Presentation”: Students can do a presentation about any topic fluently, and in an accurate way of using vocabularies, and communicate effectively during discussing the ideas of the topic with their teachers. Situations”: Students can manage a conversation with no preparation via phone to with an Arab person for about half an hour. Writing :The students can write about topics in Arabic about 400 wards. Listening for gist:The students will be able to listen to 5 texts each length one minute  for two times and then giving all information. Listening  for depth:The students will be able to listen one text with five minute length  two times and then giving all information and  answer both direct, and indirect questions. Oral translation: The students be able to translate from english to arabic and from Arabic into english oraly. Written translation:The students be able to translate a texts about 400 words from english to arabic and from Arabic into english by writing in 50 minutes each. The language program is supported by the following programs, which are fully free!

  • A place to study after finishing lessons until 8:00 PM.
  • Cultural Program

Holding cultural lectures during the program continually. These lectures are about the Middle East, and what is happening in it and the current circumstances. For instance, we will be giving lectures about Syrian Refugees in Jordan, Arabic Journalism, water crises in the Middle East, etc… These lectures will be updated according to the circumstances and events happening in the region.

  • Linguistic and cultural indulgence: There will be a visit every month to interact with the activities in the society.

Some of these activities include: attending a wedding party in the city and another in the village, graduation party, visiting a village and exploring the lifestyle there, visiting a Jordanian family, etc…

  • Dialogue meetings: There will be meetings with working and retired Jordanian diplomats, deputies, journalists and senior officers to discuss topics that students prepare both linguistically and culturally.
  • Tourism trips: a free tourism trip every month includes transportation, tickets, food and a teacher that accompanies students during the trips.

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