Fall Semester 2023

Fall 2023
16-18 credit hours/Summer semesters.
270 classroom's hour.
MSA : 6 credit hours.
Practical Arabic : 6 credit hours.
Cultural Lectures: 2 credit hours.
Media Arabic : 4 credit hours-optional.
Each 16 classroom hours is One credit hour.



Cultural Lectures:
During the program, students attend a 2-hour weekly lecture on various topics.
These are designed to be an additional way for students to reflect linguistic enrichment, 
as well as another outlet for students to deepen their cultural understanding, 
form an educated view of cultural phenomena, and develop critical thinking skills.
 These lectures are given to increase awareness of large and minor issues in Arab society 
in order to facilitate students' linguistic immersion 
as well as give them a better understanding of their surroundings while in Jordan.

Cultural Lectures:

  • The Political  System in Jordan.
  • The Water Crisis in Jordan
  • Women’s Rights in Jordan
  •  Safety and Security in Jordan
  • The Education System in Jordan
  • Wedding Parties in Jordan
  • Child Labor.
  • The democratic in the middle east.
Cultural Activities:
Every week, there will be one cultural activity.
The main goal is to immerse students in the reality of life in various parts of Jordanian society.
Spend time with them in order for them to experience this reality themselves.
 through visits to a village outside of Amman and to an Arab family.
Students travel to them to learn about different ways of life, mindsets, and nature.
 knafeh at Habiba Restaurant:
 is one of the activities that illustrate Jordan's development over the last 70 years.
 Along with Eid Al-Adha and its associated customs and traditions.
Cultural Activities:
- Visiting a Jordanian Village (Mansaf Dinner).
-Visiting a Jordanian Family for Dinner.
-Visiting a Jordanian museum.
-Coffee Shop Meeting.
-Cooking Maqluba at MALIC.
- Going to Party Venue.
-knafeh at Habiba Restaurant.
MALIC Center guarantees its students suitable and special apartments,
where they find all kinds of needed services available;
Tv, refrigerators, washing machines, microwaves,
kitchen ware to prepare tea and coffee,
and internet connection with high speed.
MALIC’s apartments are 5 – 15 minutes walking distance from MALIC.
Students Accommodation:
– Students’ apartments are close to the MALIC,
– in a lively and comfortable neighborhood that contains everything they require.
– It is tailored to students and their basic needs.

– such as internet, a washing machine, a dryer, a microwave, and so on

  • Small apartment for 2 students/one bedroom, kitchen, siting room, bath room. 
  • Big apartment for 4 students, Two bedrooms, kitchen, siting room, two bath rooms. 
  • Big apartment for 6 students, Three bedrooms, kitchen, siting room, two bath rooms. 
  • Also home stay is available with extra fees 1600 US$.


Excursions: The excursions are designed to increase students’ cultural and historical knowledge while also being fun and relaxing.

Jordan is truly a land of spectacular culture, scenery and people. 
This small Arab Kingdom holds within its borders sites of antiquity that rank among the most exceptional in the world. 
Thus, Jordan is the best opportunity to witness the monuments of a civilization over 2000 years old.  
This is the list of the places which students will visit during their program in Jordan:
Fall 2023 - excursions:
Excursions with Two-days one night excursions at a hotel:
 - The Dead Sea Two-days and one-night stay at a hotel
 - Petra-Two-days and one-night stay at a hotel.
- Wadi Rum Two-days and one-night stay at a the camp.
 -Al-Aqaba Two-days and one-night stay at a hotel.

 Excursions with One-day excursions:
-Desert Palaces – One-day excursions.

-Mount Nebo and Madaba- One-day excursions.

-Jerash & Ajloun – One-day excursions.

In addition to studying and immersing themselves
 in the daily life of the students of the Malic Center in the Arab community, 
and for the completion of the Qualifications Department,
 the Malic Center provides the opportunity for the students to obtain practical experience
 by working as volunteers in institutions and organizations in the Jordanian society.
  Experience is an important factor for the future of students
 to ensure that they obtain the highest levels of qualification, 
which will be an important advantage for practicing the language
 and deepening their understanding of the Arab community outside of language lessons
Airport pickup and drop off
At the beginning of the program:
students are transported from the airport
 to their respective living accommodations
 and are returned to the airport 
at the end of their stay in Jordan.