Students’ Life

Amman is home to hundreds of restaurants offering a various selection of cuisines. Whether you prefer eating in middle-eastern, western or Asian restaurants, all are available and easy to reach. Dessert-lovers will not be disappointed; Amman is known for its Arabic sweet shops, serving all kind of  delicious desserts. There are also numerous ice cream parlors, patisseries, and bakeries.

If you prefer to cook at home, Amman has many options for grocery shopping.  There are large international supermarkets throughout the city and only a short taxi ride away. Smaller, local grocery stores are also easy to find throughout neighborhoods, as well as local fruit and vegetable stores.

Overall, local restaurants and food are safe and clean to eat, and students rarely have food-related illnesses. Throughout the country, tap water is relatively safe for brushing teeth, washing produce, etc., but filtered or bottled water for drinking is recommend and widely available in most places, including apartments, restaurants, and at MALIC.