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Jordan is the ideal place to study the Arabic Language. Students will find themselves in a safe environment, surrounded by educated and conscious civilians along with a comfortable lifestyle.

Jordan is rich of Arab cultures! Its location offers students the opportunity to optimize their intake of Arab cultures through the copious presence of Egyptian, Syrian, Palestinian, Iraqi and Gulf individuals here. Here, they will experience the Jordanian culture as well be exposed to the various other cultures that exist.

There are many tourist areas, luxury hotels, ancient and modern cafes which make the students feel comfortable and relaxed.

The Jordanian people are highly educated and know a lot about the world. They are also very willing to communicate with foreigners; moreover, they are eager to lend a helping hand to anyone at any time. This easily facilitates communication between the students and common civilians, allowing them to understand and participate in cultural lessons outside of the class that they can bring back to the class.


Jordan has an advanced health care system. There are many big hospitals with many qualified doctors. The high quality care services have been attracting regional patients from Eastern and African countries.


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