I spent one month at MALIC, in Summer 2016, and enjoyed every minute of it. During my time at MALIC, I took four hours of private classes each day, combining “Media Arabic” with “Modern Standard Arabic”. Given the intensity and quality of the training, my Arabic quickly improved. Throughout my stay, I lived with a host family that MALIC had organized for me.

I quickly felt part of the family: they welcomed me with open arms and were absolutely lovely! We shared lunch every day and I enjoyed regular conversations (in fusha) with my host mum, who became a dear friend of mine.

I was invited to events, such as weddings and weekend trips to the village, but was also given a lot of privacy and freedom. I could not have asked for a better language experience in Amman! I gladly, and without hesitation, rate MALIC with 5 (out of 5) stars. Thank you again for a wonderful, instructive, and incredibly interesting experience.

Judit Kuschnitzki -PhD Student