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Our Mainstream Program is our general, all-purpose program for students interested in a well-rounded learning experience in a group setting that is founded on MALIC’s original, internally developed curricula. Participants in the Mainstream will commit to a full 15-week semester of Arabic studies whose in-class sessions include 6 hours of MALIC’s Al-‘Arabiyya Al-TawaaSuliyya series (Modern Standard Arabic), 6 hours of the Media Arabic series, and 3 hours of the Levantine Colloquial Arabic series on a weekly basis. Each of these series contains six books for six different levels that provide the appropriate fit for any Arabic learner, from beginners to near-native speakers (except for the Levantine Colloquial Arabic series which is currently composed of only 3 books). Students with previous experience in Arabic are first evaluated for placement in an appropriate level for each series.

* The 15-week Mainstream Program is offered twice a year: once in the fall (from the 1st Sunday in September to the 3rd Thursday in December) and once in the spring (from the 1st Sunday in February to the 3rd Thursday in May).

* Enrollment is considered on a rolling basis. However, the deadline for registration in the Mainstream Program for the fall and the spring is one month prior to the academic semester’s first day of classes. Notification of cancellations are also required before this date.

* Note: In the event that the number of students placed at a particular level of Modern Standard Arabic, Media Arabic or Levantine Colloquial Arabic is not sufficient to form a class (a minimum of 5 students per class is required), we shall try to formulate an alternative that is acceptable for the students affected. If an acceptable alternative cannot be reached between the MALIC center administration and the student, the student retains his right to a full refund.

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