Language skills and intercultural awareness are essential in the process of learning foreign languages. However, many students tend to focus on grammar rather than the four skills of the language, resulting in a gap between what is learnt in the class and what is outside. So, if you are looking for a place where Arabic is taught through a carefully selected combination of reading, listening, speaking and writing activities, then MALIC center is the best choice to study in.
In MALIC, instructors are well- trained to teach Arabic for non-native speakers, and to work with students to fill the gaps that remain in their language acquisition. Equally important, our lessons are based on a mixture of methods and approaches to meet the different needs of learners. After tens of years of experience in teaching Arabic to non-native speakers, we have developed different curricula of standard Arabic, media Arabic and colloquial Arabic; each of which provides training at the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. In addition, students are provided with extra activities weekly such as cultural classes, trips and excursions, language partners and accommodation. Such activities help them deeply understand the Jordanian culture and converse in Arabic.
Here is to say, if you are interested in Arabic and looking for a stunning experience where you can develop and utilize your language skills, we encourage you to apply right away to one of the programs offered on the website.