Main Stream Program

Accredited program from Aqaba University of Technology
 and Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research - Jordan.
All-purpose program for students interested in a well-rounded learning experience. 
 MALIC implements its internally developed curricula which include nine different levels
 that meet all students’ needs, from beginners to near-native speakers. 
Fall semester: 7000 US$ 
commit to a full 15-weeks semester of Arabic language and cultural studies. 
Spring semester: 7000 US$ 
commit to a full 15-weeks semester of Arabic language and cultural studies. 
Summer Semester: 5000 US$ 
commit to a full 8-weeks semester of Arabic language and cultural studies.
The Main stream Program focuses on: 
- Arabic Language classes
 -Cultural Lectures
 - Cultural activities
 - 7 weekend's trips 
 -Airport pickup and drop off
Arabic Language Classes:
During the fall and spring semesters, the student studies for 16–18 credit hours.
and during the summer semester, 8–10 credit hours.
This program focused on:
Modern-Standard Arabic
Levantine Colloquial “with a Jordanian accent
Media Arabic.
Consideration is given to conjunctions that connect clauses and sentences. 
Additionally, the syntactic structure creates the structure of sentences to support oral communication skills.
We concentrate on increasing language productivity by reinforcing and constantly reviewing previous lessons and knowledge students have gained.
It should be noted that MALIC's books are based on the daily development of communicative skills under the supervision of a teacher.
 Each lesson from our materials opens the window to cultural subjects.
 Speaking is, indeed, the skill that leads the language learning process. 
As a result, MALIC has a maximum of 6 students per classroom in order for teachers to monitor each student individually. 
Apart from that, MALIC aims to collaborate with students, assist them in achieving their goals, embrace their linguistic issues, and boost their strengths.

Cultural Lectures:

During the program, the student attends 2 hours per week on various topics.

They are designed to be an additional way for students to reflect linguistic enrichment, as well as another outlet for students to deepen their understanding, the way they see things, and develop critical thinking skills. They are given to increase perceptions of large and minor issues in Arab society in order to facilitate the students’ linguistic immersion in it as well as the reality of daily life that they witness.

Evening Discussion:
It is an optional discussion that will take place for 4 hours per week in MALIC. 
Students can discuss any topic, whether local or international, such as religion, history, economics, and so on.
They will be made public in due course
Cultural Activities:
Every week, there will be one cultural activity.
The main goal is to immerse students in the reality of life in various types of Jordanian society.
Spend time with Jordanian authentically in order for them to experience it themselves such as:
 -Visit a village outside of Amman.
- visit a jordanian family.
- Students travel to them to learn about different ways of life, mindsets, and nature.
- Al-Khnafeh at Habiba Restaurant is one of the activities that illustrate Jordan's development over the last 70 years. 
- Along with Eid Al-Adha and its associated activities, such as customs and traditions.
In addition to studying and immersing themselves in the daily life of the students of the Malic Center in the Arab community, 
and for the completion of the Qualifications Department, 
the Malic Center provides the opportunity for the students to obtain practical experience
 by working as volunteers in institutions and organizations in the Jordanian society
Experience is an important factor for the future of students to ensure that they obtain 
the highest levels of qualification, which will be an important advantage 
for practicing the language and deepening their understanding of the Arab community outside of language lessons