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At the head of MALIC’s academic administration, curricular innovation and institutional development is Dr. Khalid Al-Gudah.

Dr. Al-Gudah has a long history of experience in the field of Arabic Language Pedagogy for Non-Native Speakers, which has also been the focus of all of his graduate and post-graduate research. While teaching Arabic to foreign students at the University of Jordan-Jubeiha for 8 years, Dr. Al-Gudah served as the Coordinator and Primary Instructor for the British and Australian Diplomats Program from 2003-2008.


Dr. Al-Gudah went on to serve as chair of the university’s Arabic Language Department for Non-Native Speakers for another 2 years before leaving the University of Jordan to found MALIC in 2010. Dr. Al-Gudah has published numerous articles in his field in addition to his dissertations dealing with topics such as “Arabic Instruction for Non-Native Diplomats” and “First Language Effect and Influence on Non-Native Arabic Learners.” A few of Dr. Al-Gudah’s more notable former students include His Excellency Peter Millett the current British Ambassador to Jordan, Dominique Hyde UNICEF’s current representative for Jordan, John Casson the current British Ambassador to Egypt British  and Rohan Titus former Australian Embassy Deputy Head of Mission.


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