Teachers of MALIC,

Our teachers at MALIC have experience and depth in the field of teaching Arabic to non-native speakers. Additionally, academic certifications and accolades including master degrees with distinguished graduation rankings. Teachers possess abilities such as:

  • All of the teachers at MALIC have a vast knowledge of Arab cultures and many other cultures.
  • Teachers stay up to date with current events as well historical events.
  • Instructors have a vast knowledge of the Arabic Language and all its features.
  • All instructors have a strong foundation in the English Language, along with other languages, allowing them to understand the differences in languages helping make a plan catered to needs of each individual.
  • They use modern teaching methods in teaching Arabic, which assists in designing a curriculum that enhances language abilities in reading, writing, and speaking. 
  • They attend a comprehensive training program that focuses on teaching Arabic to non-native speakers. Furthermore, focus on the interaction between teacher and student. At MALIC, instructors strive to provide a healthy learning environment where students can flourish while having fun doing so.
  • Teachers prioritize making each student feel comfortable and welcome regardless of gender, race, culture, and religion. To ensure this, MALIC team will make accommodations.

Teachers at MALIC Center keep an open line of communication with their students during specific office hours android outside to answer their questions and help with their needs.