Program Information

MALIC provides its students with four types of programs to cover all their needs, and they combine the flexibility and the greatest possible benefit from the study of the Arabic language:-

  • Mainstream Program/
  • Tailor-made Program/
  • Diplomats’ Program/
  • Sponsored Program/
  • Cultural Program/

Each student or a program at MALIC receive a distinctive service from high qualified teachers in linguistic and educational dimensions, as well as their vast knowledge in culture in the fields of politics, the culture of Arab societies and other communities and religions. They also have a deep understanding to other cultures and they are fluent in English with high efficiency.

  • The coordinator:

Each program has a coordinator with a long history of experience in the field of Arabic Language Pedagogy for Nonnative Speakers. The coordinator is appointed by the administration to make a weekly calendar for the educational process and review plans and goals to ensure the best results for the programs at MALIC. The coordinator’s office is open anytime.

  • Placement Tests:

Each student at MALIC undergoes a placement test before the start of their program. The placement test lasts for four hours and it focuses on all the skills. This test is held by the program coordinator in which he/she determines the student’s level in all the skills of the language to draft the goals to achieve, and it includes correction to mistakes in pronunciation, grammar, fluency, syntax and sentence structure, spelling mistakes, deep understanding to texts and the ability to interact through the exercise of the Arabic language.

MALIC also deal with special cases of students and we are fully aware of all the requirements of the educational process. The administration at MALIC supports any suggestion offered by the faculty and the coordinator to ensure a full success of the programs and so that each student achieves all their goals in an entertaining, useful and comfortable studying environment.