Sydney Green

Program coordinator-Arabic flagship-Olemiss.

MALIC Center offers a unique studying experience unlike any other. After spending two consecutive summers studying at MALIC, I am convinced that there is no better place to learn the Arabic language. The teachers are brilliant and very talented, and the program director is so kind and accommodating. My Arabic skills have improved so much over the last two summers, not just because of the excellent level of instruction at MALIC but also because of the cultural and linguistic immersion studying in Amman offers. Amman is a beautiful city, and the people of Jordan are the most gracious and hospitable people I have ever met. There are numerous opportunities to practice speaking Arabic with local Jordanians. Everyone I have met has been more than willing to help me practice. With ancient wonders like Petra, the Dead Sea, Jerash, Ajloun, Mt. Nebo, the Citadel and more, I was never bored in Jordan. Every weekend Dr. Khalid took the students in our program to a different location in Jordan to explore, and we loved every minute of it. Traveling to Jordan is an encapsulating experience that you don’t want to miss. Jordan is a unique country and studying at the MALIC Center is a one-of-a-kind experience. I cherish the time I have spent in Jordan and look forward to my next visit with great anticipation.


RAS Officer / U.S. Air Force Academy

“I am writing to thank you for an excellent program of language training at MALIC. As you know, I have been traveling throughout the region studying. I have studied for six months in five different locations. I can say, without reservation, that my language skills advanced far more at MALIC than at any of my other training locations. I attribute this rapid advancement to the excellent teaching staff and the way the program was customized to meet my specific language needs. “I must also thank you for the unique opportunity to experience the sights of Jordan. I will never forget floating in the Dead Sea, the beautiful landscapes at Wadi Rum or my first glimpse of Petra. Your weekly lecture program was particularly useful in teaching me about the real life issues that face Jordan in the areas of economics, politics, and society. If I had to pinpoint one most-memorable experience, though, it would have to be the traditional Jordanian wedding. It was a great and wonderful opportunity to attend the wedding festivities. Again, thank you for a most productive and enjoyable Jordanian experience-one I will never forget!”

Dr. Salah Hamoud

Professor Department of Foreign Languages / U.S. Air Force Academy

“I would like to extend to you my thanks for taking care of our group that has returned safely from the 6 week language and culture immersion program in Jordan at the MALIC Center. I am only sorry that I was not able to be with them and enjoy the hospitality that you extended to them during their stay. I believe the overall impression I am left with is that our students by- and- large had a positive, educational experience that they will remember for a long time to come. “Since I was the one who made initial contact with you regarding this program, I feel obligated to write this follow up note and let you know that I appreciate what you were able to do to make the good aspects of that experience possible.”

Dr.Elizabeth Buckner

Stanford University

Over the years,  MALIC Center has helped many people improve their lives in a variety of ways. Some use MALIC to enhance their capacity for academic research by reading authentic source texts in their original Arabic; others use MALIC to advance their careers through improved Arabic language speaking skills; still others come to enrich their personal lives by meeting new people and visiting exciting places. Below are letters that reflect true stories of how MALIC has had a positive effect on the lives of its students: 

 — “I studied at MALIC center for two months in Fall 2012, and really found it to be the supportive community and “language learning home” that I was looking for. My initial experience convinced me to return when I came back to Jordan in the Spring — so I came back to MALIC for three months in 2013. My teachers became like friends, not only teaching me intensive MSA and Jordanian Arabic, but also showing me around Amman and organizing trips to sites in Jordan. I studied MSA for 2 hours a day, and one hour of Aamiya a day for three months and saw my Arabic rapidly improve. I like the MALIC model of one-on-one tutoring, and found it especially appropriate for advanced levels.”

— “I have studied Arabic for years and believe that there is a point at which group classes are simply not very beneficial. The one-on-one model MALIC offers gave me the chance to expand my knowledge around the topics that interested me and gave me the chance to move at my own pace, and it also ensured that I got lots of conversational practice. The center is conveniently located near the North Gate of the University, and the teachers and center director Khalid are very welcoming — they really go out of their way to make you feel like family. I would highly recommend MALIC to those looking for an affordable, flexible, friendly and personalized approach to learning either standard or dialectal Arabic in Amman.

Judit Kuschnitzki

PhD Student/ Cambridge university

I spent one month at MALIC, in Summer 2016, and enjoyed every minute of it. During my time at MALIC, I took four hours of private classes each day, combining “Media Arabic” with “Modern Standard Arabic”. Given the intensity and quality of the training, my Arabic quickly improved. Throughout my stay, I lived with a host family that MALIC had organized for me.

I quickly felt part of the family: they welcomed me with open arms and were absolutely lovely! We shared lunch every day and I enjoyed regular conversations (in fusha) with my host mum, who became a dear friend of mine.

I was invited to events, such as weddings and weekend trips to the village, but was also given a lot of privacy and freedom. I could not have asked for a better language experience in Amman! I gladly, and without hesitation, rate MALIC with 5 (out of 5) stars. Thank you again for a wonderful, instructive, and incredibly interesting experience.

Loretta Rice

Student / University of Cambridge

I loved my time studying at the MALIC Center in Jordan. It has a friendly, welcoming and comfortable atmosphere and they were very quick to accommodate my individual needs, including Skype lessons when I returned to England. My teachers were excellent and made learning Arabic enjoyable. I would recommend MALIC Center to all Arabic language students.

Dr. Nathaniel Greenberg

Assistant Professor of Arabic and Arabic Program Director/ George Mason University 

In 2015 the Arabic program at George Mason University began working with MALIC to host an intensive, six week-long and full-immersion study abroad in Amman, Jordan. We renewed our agreement the following year and expanded the program to eight weeks. The year after that we decided to build a formal partnership with MALIC, pooling together resources and energy to create what I believe is one of the most dynamic and cost-effective Arabic language immersion programs available today.

Run by Dr. Khalid al-Gudah, a linguist with decades of experience in teaching Arabic to non-native learners, MALIC caters to all levels. We chose to build our partnership with the school however because it is one of the few providers available where students can gain extensive one-on-one or small classroom access at a reasonable rate and with little-to-no institutional backlog. As part of our program, students are tested and placed at whatever level is most appropriate to their skill set. Additionally, all students are paired with a speaking partner who works with them one-on-one to expand their facility with the day’s lesson as well as develop a more casual, natural speaking style for operating in daily life. Students and speaking partners are free to tour the city, go to cafés, do shopping, or simply to share reflections on their experience. MALIC selects and trains all of its staff to be flexible, open minded and effective in their teaching and tutoring methods. It is an ideal situation for any Arabic language learner.

In addition to the brilliant educational design of MALIC, the school facilitates local trips and educational tours that expose students to Jordanian culture, history and geography. Needless to say the excursions are among the most popular aspects of the program in part because Dr. Khalid does a wonderful job of a providing a personal touch to the extra-curricular activities, inviting students for a meal at a familial house or local restaurant, introducing new foods and customs and introducing students to a vibrant set of local friends and associates.

The convenient student housing provided by MALIC allows students independence while also placing them in close walking proximity to the school. Located outside the congested downtown of Amman, the school and its environs including the University of Jordan is an ideal place for American students to get a foothold in the pedestrian nuances of a Middle Eastern capital.

We will continue to work with MALIC for years to come. I cannot recommend their services