Jordan’s health services are among the best in the Middle East, and the country won the International Medical Travel Journal’s 2014 Medical Destination of the Year award. There are several major internationally accredited hospitals in Amman with first-rate facilities and equipment as well as health care centers and clinics that are easy to reach. If a student needs medical treatment, even for relatively minor illnesses, all of these hospitals are available for walk-in appointments. Moreover, the city has several thousand doctors, most of whom are bilingual. Equally important, we recommend that all students purchase comprehensive travel insurance before traveling to Jordan to cover any major medical costs, should they be required.


Jordan is a safe country with low crime rates, and Jordanians are generous, friendly and willing to help foreigners. In addition, police patrols are on duty for 24 hours a day all over the country to maintain the safety of the residents.

As for MALIC, Students’ safety is a priority. We will always be your advocates and are here for you in case you have any issues that concern you. If you have any questions or issues you would like to discuss, never hesitate to contact us, as we provide you with the contact numbers of MALIC staff during the orientation. We are on call 24 hours a day; you can contact us anytime should any incident arise.