Spring 2022
February, 6th -t0- May, 19th- 2022
16-18 credit hours

Cultural Lectures:

  • The Political  System in Jordan.
  • The Water Crisis in Jordan
  • Women’s Rights in Jordan
  •  Safety and Security in Jordan
  • The Education System in Jordan
  • Wedding Parties in Jordan
  • Child Labor

Cultural Activities

  • Visiting a Jordanian Village (Mansaf Dinner)
  • Visiting a Jordanian Family for Dinner.
  • Vist Jordanian museum.
  • Coffee Shop Meeting.
  • Cooking Maqluba at MALIC.
  • Going to Party Venue.  


MALIC Center guarantees its students suitable and special apartments where they find all kinds of needed services available; Tv, refrigerators, washing machines, microwaves, kitchen ware to prepare tea and coffee, and internet connection with high speed.

MALIC’s apartments are 5 – 15 minutes walking distance from MALIC.

Students live with other MALIC students with a shared bathroom, living space, and kitchen. A couch, chairs, stove, washer (no dryer, so you will hang dry your clothing), and refrigerator are provided, along with twin beds in the bedrooms. Students should take twin bed
sheets or purchase sheets in Amman (sheets are approximately 20 JOD). It is recommended that students also
bring or purchase towels and washcloths.

  • Small apartment for 2 students/one bedroom, kitchen, siting room, bath room. 
  • big apartmen for 4 students, Two bedrooms, kitchen, siting room, two bath rooms. 
  • Big apartment for 6 students, Three bedrooms, kitchen, siting room, two bath rooms. 
  • Also home stay is available with extra fees 1000 US$.


Jordan is truly a land of spectacular culture, scenery and people. 
This small Arab Kingdom holds within its borders sites of antiquity that rank among the most exceptional in the world. 
The unique rose red city of Petra; the outstanding remains of Jerash, dead sea the deepest hyper-saline lake in the world, the incredibly scenic Wadi rum... etc. 
Thus, Jordan is the best opportunity to witness the monuments of a civilization over 2000 years old. 
This is the list of the places which students will visit during their program in Jordan:  
Dead sea, Aqaba one night, Wadi Rum one night in the camp, Petra, Jerash,  and Madaba -Jabal Nebo.