Over the years, The MALIC Center has helped many people improve their lives in a variety of ways. Some use MALIC Center to enhance their capacity for academic research by reading authentic source texts in their original Arabic; others use MALIC to advance their careers through improved Arabic language speaking skills; still others com to us to enrich their personal lives by meeting new people and visiting exciting places. Below are letters that reflect true stories of how MALIC Center has had a positive effect on the lives of its students: – I studied at MALIC center for two months in Fall 2012, and really found it to be the supportive community and “language learning home” that I was looking for. My initial experience convinced me to return when I came back to Jordan in the Spring — so I came back to MALIC for three months in 2013. My teachers became like friends, not only teaching me intensive MSA and Jordanian Arabic, but also showing me around Amman and organizing trips to sites in Jordan. I studied MSA for 2 hours a day, and one hour of Aamiya a day for three months and saw my Arabic rapidly improve. I like the MALIC model of one-on-one tutoring, and found it especially appropriate for advanced levels — I have studied Arabic for years and believe that there is a point at which group classes are simply not very beneficial. The one-on-one model MALIC offers gave me the chance to expand my around the topics that interested me and gave me the chance to move at my own pace, and it also ensured that I got lots of conversational practice. The center is conveniently located near the North Gate of the University, and the teachers and center director Khalid are very welcoming — they really go out of their way to make you feel like family. I would highly recommend MALIC to those looking for an affordable, flexible, friendly and personalized approach to learning either standard or dialectal Arabic in Amman.

Dr.Elizabeth Buckner/Stanford University