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Students who have one of the following passports: British, European, Australian or Canadian passports can get a visa from Queen Alia International Airport in Amman without the need to visit the embassy. Each student has to pay forty dinars and it can be paid by credit cards.

The students can get a visa for one month and during this period, MALIC team will help the students extend their visa for three months then to six months according to the program timing. Students have to register their accommodation address at the nearest police station.

Note: if any student travels to another country  during this time and comes back, he/she has to pay forty dinars for a new visa even if the first visa has not expired yet. Any student who wants to travel during the program has to go back to the administration to get useful information on this matter.

Language Partners

Practice and learn Arabic with native speakers. The Language Partner Program creates opportunities for Arabic Language Center students to connect with native speakers in the academic community and practice Arabic in an authentic context. Students meet weekly with Language Partners for at least one hour in a comfortable, yet professional setting and engage in productive conversation. Language partners are Jordanian students affiliated with MALIC Center that they are interested in learning about other cultures and languages by meeting students from different countries around the world. However, this is not a language exchange program for Jordanian students interested in learning English. Language partners are prohibited from speaking English or any other language than Arabic during their weekly meetings with students, to prevent any disruption of our students’ language acquisition progress

Tours and Excursions 

MALIC supports its language programs through two important aspects of students’ life during the program which are education and entertainment. MALIC organizes cultural educational tours because we believe that indulging in culture and learning a new language are part and parcel.

Herein educational activities included:

  • Visiting rural areas as well as villages to deal with residents and to be acquainted with the nature of their life.
  • Visiting a Jordanian family for a whole day, having dinner and discussing some local Jordanian issues.
  • Visiting cultural centers, several libraries and watching movies and plays.
  • Meeting prominent figures such as writers, politicians and PMs, talking with them about their visions and experiences.
  • Visiting some mosques and religious places in order to be introduced to the reality of religion and its importance in the Arab Culture.
  • Going on weekly trips, since Jordan has many tourist places which students should visit for cultural and entertaining purposes such as Petra, Wadi Rum, Jerash, Ajloun, The Dead Sea, etc.

Accommodation and Food

MALIC Center guarantees its students suitable and special apartments where they find all kinds of needed services available; refrigerators, washing machines, microwaves, kitchen ware to prepare tea and coffee, and internet connection.

Students are offered a wide range extra-curricular activities.  Amongst these activities is the art of Arab cooking where students are introduced to all of the ingredients and the ways of preparing Arab food like Maqloobeh, Kabseh, Mansaf, Kuftah, Mlukheyeh…etc.

In addition to that, students find themselves surrounded by all kinds of restaurants that are near MALIC like Indian, Chinese, Western, and Arab restaurants that serve very delicious food recipes in luxurious and calm places. 


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