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Tailor-Made Program: fees US$ 20 per hour.

The Tailor-made Program at The MALIC Center offers students the unique opportunity to design their own curriculum and receive personal attention in realizing their goals through private, one-on-one sessions with an experienced MALIC Arabic instructor. The Tailor-Made Program gives students the front seat in the decision-making process of their own education, determining the program length, goals, priorities, scheduling, content, material and methodology – Min al-Alif lil-Yaa’. The flexibility and versatility of the Tailor-Made Program makes it an excellent choice for individuals or small groups with professional commitments, allowing them to build their program around their preexisting work or study schedules, while allowing them to engage in a targeted curriculum that meets their specific needs.

* To discuss scheduling, curriculum planning and all other details related to the implementation of your own personalized Tailor-Made Program please contact us for more information.

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