MALIC is headquartered at Ahmad Al-Tarawaneh Street on the top floor of business complex number 22, which lies immediately adjacent to the University of Jordan’s northern gates entrance in Jubeiha, Amman.

Due to the massive influx of students, researchers, professionals, military staff and diplomatic personnel that the center has witnessed over the last 2 years, we have renovated and expanded our facilities to welcome our newcomers while striving to maintain and enhance the quality and comfort of our students’ learning environment in order to provide them with the most fruitful and successful learning experience possible. The number of renovated classrooms in the center has quadrupled over the last two years reaching a grand total of 10, all of which have been furnished with new chairs, desks and fluorescent lighting in addition to heating and air conditioning in every room.

Our students are provided constant access to high speed wireless internet throughout every centimeter of the 482 square meters that the center occupies, in addition to color and black-and-white printing services at no extra charge. The center’s kitchen and break room come equipped with a refrigerator, freezer and microwave with complimentary tea and coffee for our students. Free parking is provided for students’ vehicles in the garage below the business complex and the building’s premises are patrolled by security guards 24 hours a day. Moreover, MALIC’s centralized location next to the University of Jordan offers students a variety of restaurants, cafes, office supply stores and supermarkets all conveniently located throughout the lower floors of the business complex and along Ahmad Al-Tarawaneh Street.