Why Jordan?

Firstly, Jordan is one of the safest countries in the Middle East in opposition to media portrayals of Middle Eastern countries. The Jordanian government does a great job of ensuring safety to the public, where students will find police officers stationed not as a response to crimes but as prevention. Consequently, students can explore the country with no worries. Secondly, Jordan’s geographical location distinguishes it from the rest of the Arab countries. Jordan falls in the center of the Arab World it a meeting point for all the surrounding nations.

Due to this, students will experience an array of cultures and customs learning the Arabic language while living amongst different nationalities from Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Lebanon, and Saudia Arabia. Thirdly, Jordan is a developed country with achievements in education, science, and literature to name a few. The community is very welcoming to tourists and readily available to help with any needs. Lastly, the capital city Amman is very similar to many western cities in that students will find restaurants ranging from many cuisines. In addition to shopping centers, parks, museums, and cafes.