“I am writing to thank you for an excellent program of language training at MALIC. As you know, I have been traveling throughout the region studying. I have studied for six months in five different locations. I can say, without reservation, that my language skills advanced far more at MALIC than at any of my other training locations. I attribute this rapid advancement to the excellent teaching staff and the way the program was customized to meet my specific language needs. “I must also thank you for the unique opportunity to experience the sights of Jordan. I will never forget floating in the Dead Sea, the beautiful landscapes at Wadi Rum or my first glimpse of Petra. Your weekly lecture program was particularly useful in teaching me about the real life issues that face Jordan in the areas of economics, politics, and society. If I had to pinpoint one most-memorable experience, though, it would have to be the traditional Jordanian wedding. It was a great and wonderful opportunity to attend the wedding festivities. Again, thank you for a most productive and enjoyable Jordanian experience-one I will never forget!”


RAS Officer / U.S. Air Force Academy